Baldi's Basics

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Baldi's Basics are able to scare the bravest players. Your mission is to find all seven notebooks while trying to solve Baldi's challenging questions.

Baldi's Basics online

Baldi's Basics online appear on our website which challenges your bravery. You only click on the game to enjoy its thrill without installing it on your device. Now, you can learn about the storyline of the game and its mechanics. Let's try your best to complete your tasks.

The storyline of the game

The game was released to parody the crappy educational games of the 1900s. Although set in a school and classroom setting, the game is not geared toward educating the player. In this game, your character is one of the students of the school. He has a friend, and he asked your character to go back to school again just because he was busy learning to eat, which is a silly reason. However, almost no one dares to return to school. To help your classmates, your character will take on the responsibility of returning to school to retrieve seven forgotten notebooks. At school, your character will have to solve a series of questions and puzzles of Baldi. He is the reason everyone does not dare to go back to school after school. Baldi will give a lot of puzzles, and conundrums. Sometimes, even he cannot answer.

What will happen when the game is over? How did your search for the seven notebooks go? Participate in the game to answer Baldi's questions.

The mechanics

In the first-person perspective game, you can completely see the scene of the school with shabby classrooms. You need to look everywhere to find seven notebooks. Let's remember that these books are not in the same place, they are scattered all over the school. They can be in any corner of the school. Therefore, it is difficult to complete the task quickly. Pay attention to locations such as behind the doors, study desks, corners of the school lockers, etc. Books often appear in this location. However, to get the notebook away, you need to face Baldi. He will ask three questions for each notebook. The first two questions are usually quite easy to answer because they are simple calculations. The third question in a new notebook is a big deal for you. You cannot seem to answer it correctly. So Baldi will chase you along with grisly actions. He appears to be preparing to attack you. Run as fast as possible, so you do not get caught by Baldi. Can you escape?

How to control the character in Baldi's Basics

To move and turn, press the WASD keys on your keyboard. Besides, when you see some notebooks, you can use the left mouse button to pick them up, unlock doors, and have other interactions. Hold Right-click to use the selected item. You can press Shift while running. Do not forget to pay attention to your stamina bar. You can run out of energy after you run a long distance. The spacebar can help you to look behind. Finally, you can pause by pressing ESC.

Some obstacles and dangerous things in Baldi's Basics

Baldi characters

Although Baldi is a teacher, he is a weird person. He is always asking very tough questions. The difficulty of the questions will increase gradually. He will get angry and even attack you when you have wrong answers. He will find a way to arrest you and prevent you from getting the notebook. So, if you answer Baldi's question incorrectly, you need to run fast to escape. If you can answer the question correctly, Baldi will congratulate you and let you go safely. Then, you will continue to meet him when you get the following notebooks.

It was not the goal while creating the character Baldi to defame the teacher. The character was built to add tension and drama to the game. It makes your search for seven notebooks more difficult.

Other teachers and students in Baldi's Basics

Under Baldi's direction, many other teachers also appear in this game. They have the same purpose of preventing you from succeeding. They will not appear if you answer Baldi's question correctly. On the contrary, they will chase you if you cannot solve the questions. They will brief you on behalf of Baldi at any time. Sometimes, they also go around the classroom to check. They will not harm you at this moment. However, it is best if you can stay away from them. They do not seem to bring you any benefit.

Besides the teachers, you can meet some students. Like other teachers, you are unable to discern whether Baldi is in charge of these students. They can be your allies to support you, or they can also capture you. Be careful with them. If you cannot be sure of these students, you should avoid them. Finding another way or hiding is the best solution.

Some items can support you in Baldi's Basics

While trying to find notebooks, you can collect various items around the school. Pick up all the candy bars to keep your character's health from dropping for a short time. You can run further without worrying about running out of energy. Thanks to it, you may be able to escape from Baldi. In the game, there is also a kind of drink that can be used to hit other characters. Your character can once more attack Baldi and his teammates when you gather them. Besides, there is a pair of scissors in the game that can disable various obstacles momentarily. Do not miss it if you want to stop other characters. They will not be able to approach you or threaten you. Finally, you can get a teleporter. It can help you teleport to a random location in the school.

The Baldi's Basics song and animation

The sounds in the game make you scared. It matches every movement in the game. You will be scared by some loud sounds. It also signals the unwanted arrival of rivals. At the same time, you also feel the gestures and status of the character. You will completely turn into the main character in the game.

There will not be too many colors and great backgrounds in the game. You will only see the bad classrooms and weird characters. The game is very impressive because it possesses a rather strange graphic with a somewhat monstrous shape of the characters. Although it is not as shiny as many current games, it is this graphic that has inspired people's curiosity.