Zumba Ocean

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The overview of Zumba Ocean

Join Zumba Ocean to control a frog to shoot the marbles. You need to eliminate all marbles before they reach the end and advance to the next level.

Under the water, there is a small frog with the ability to shoot colored marbles. You will control it to clear other marbles. You need to pay attention to the color of the marble. Shoot marbles of the same color together to eliminate them. At least three marbles are matched, and they will disappear. The other marbles are moving gradually to the end. You need to clean them up before they reach the end. You will lose if you cannot complete the mission.

In addition, if you complete the task excellently, you can get three stars. They are your highest reward. If you want more stars, you can replay the level. Good luck.

Some excellent tips and tricks in Zumba Ocean

  • You should shoot at the position where there are two marbles of the same color available. As a result, you can eliminate marbles quickly. If you want to clean them up, you need to match them with your clever shooting skills.
  • You should focus on the marbles marked by the Pause button. If you can remove this marble, the other marble will stop. Their speed will gradually decrease. Therefore, you can shoot other marbles effectively.
  • It is best if you can practice more times. You can get valuable lessons. Make an effort to win.