Vortex 9

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Some game modes of Vortex 9

Vortex 9 offers an intense battle with anime characters. Your mission is to defeat all opponents and get as many coins as possible to purchase other weapons.

If you love fierce shooting games, the game is the choice you definitely cannot ignore. This game has all the elements dedicated to players who want to become great snipers.

Set in the future, you can not only enjoy the sci-fi scenes but also have the opportunity to experience the scenes created based on the characteristics of the new human world.

Deathmatch Solo mode

In Deathmatch mode, eight people will be divided into 2 teams, the team with the most kills will win. You will cooperate with others to complete this difficult task. Good collaboration will be the key to success. So you can invite your friends to join the game and choose the game mode. The game is available on our website, like Slendrina x The Dark Hospital.

Mayhem mode

Participating in Hemmay mode, the player will play against all other players. In the end, whoever gets the most kills wins. This mode allows you to fight independently. You will have to fight the others on your own. Be careful because they can take your life at any time. However, do not worry too much because when you start the game, the game will provide basic instructions so that you can get familiar with the features.

Capture Point Mode

For Capture Point mode, your task is with your teammates to capture the points and protect the base from the enemy. The side that captures the point longer and gets more points wins. If your team gets 1000 points or more then the opposing team is an underdog team.

Ways to control in Vortex 9

WASD to move.

G for a grenade.

M FOR map.

F for picking up the item.

C for squat.

M1 for aim.

M2 for shooting.

SPACE for the jump.

ESC for the menu.

SCROLL WHEEL (or 1,2,3,4,5) to change weapons.