UNO Online

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Some information about UNO Online

UNO Online is an interesting card game. Your task is to play all the cards you have before your opponents do and reach 250 scores to win the game.

You can also play this game also with your friends. Try to be the best player. The game is available on our website for you to access.

The game rules

In the game, you and the others are dealt seven cards. The remaining cards will be face-down in the middle. The dealer then takes the first card from the deck face down to choose the first card to play and determine the next turn. Normally, the order of playing will be clockwise. The next player chooses one of the cards to play according to the rules. The first rule is the same color or same number. The card played must be of the same color or number as the previous card played. If the first card played is a function card, you need to apply the special function card rule. The special function card principle is that the black special function cards can be played at any time, not limited by the characteristics of the previous card.

The function cards

If you have special function cards, you need to take advantage of them. You need to understand its use well to be able to use it effectively.

  • Skip Cards: As the name of the card says, when you use it, your next player will lose their turn, unable to play. Use it to prevent others from scoring.
  • The Wild Cards: When using a card that changes color, you will be able to choose the color of the next turn, using it correctly, the card will create a great advantage when playing there. After using this card, you can release a card of a different color.
  • The Reverse Cards: This is a very special card. When using it, starting from the next player, the order of cards will change back to counter-clockwise.

Some tips to win in UNO Online

First, play the cards with large numbers: You should use the high-scoring cards first when playing Uno. As a result, you will be able to lower your score when the round is over, decreasing the likelihood that you will finish last. You do not have to use this tip if you have a clear idea of the card order.

Next, use black cards strategically: cards with unique functions Don't utilize black cards at random because they have a lot of power. Keep the black cards until the last turns to maximize your chances of winning, unless you are unable to continue or want to stop others from finishing first.

The game modes of UNO Online

With two unique game modes, the game will help you have hours of entertainment. If you are looking for fun games, you can choose Baldi's Basics.

The online mode

This mode allows you to join two to four people. Other players will be selected at random. You can meet any opponent from many parts of the world. You can also invite your friends to join this game. Games are a great idea for you to learn from the experiences of others.

The offline mode

In this mode, you only join the game with one other person controlled by the computer. Make an effort to win with the highest scores. Break a leg!