TrollFace Quest: Horror 3

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Scary situations in TrollFace Quest: Horror 3

TrollFace Quest: Horror 3 is a horror game combined with puzzles that force you to use your wits. You must find a wise solution to get out of a scary situation.

The game also provides a lot of levels with scary situations. Learn about them and have a clear understanding of your mission.

Some situations in the game

In the game, the difficulty of the levels will increase gradually. At each level, you will encounter different situations. You have to deal with them in order to pass the level.

The situations in the levels are often inspired by movies, stories, novels, and animations of the same genre. You may be intimidated by scary-looking characters. The game will help you to relax and express stress.

In situations, your character is also not fixed. You can be any character in the levels, this makes the game interesting and unique. If you are a fan of horror games then do not miss this game. In addition, Baldi's Basics is also considered a horror game combining quite interesting puzzles. Both games will not let you down. You can join any game because they are already available on our web.

Your missions in the game

Because the game offers a lot of troll situations, you should find a way to solve the puzzle. These puzzles will be solved when you can make the situation funny. Once the monster's plot fails, every situation becomes ridiculous. As a result, you have completed the level. Continue to conquer other levels with a series of funny situations. Good luck.

Controls and hints in TrollFace Quest: Horror 3

To pass the level easily, you should follow these controls and hints functions to get more information. Try your best to win. How many levels can you pass? Are you ready to play the game? Come here and experience new things in the game.

How to control

To solve the puzzle, you just need to use the mouse. Click on the anomalies you see in the game. Maybe, the points that you predict will bring you great results. It could be the answer to troll situations. When playing games, you do not need to combine too many operations, however, you must make use of your logical thinking. The only logical thinking does not always work in this game. You have to use what you know about horror stories, plus your own observation and attention.

Use the hints

When you face tough questions, you can struggle. Even though you tried your best, you couldn't solve the problem. You can use hints. You have five hints. Use them effectively to avoid passing challenging levels. If you use them all, you will be forced to think to find the answers to the following situations. You cannot receive additional hints at any cost.

The game is a compilation of the most iconic horror scenes from movies, books, video games, fairy tales, and memoirs. Through the game screen, you must discover a solution to threatened situations.