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What makes the attraction of Tribals.io

The mechanics of the game

Tribals.io is an attractive multiplayer game where you can explore a new world. You can loot resources and try to build your structures to avoid risks.

On a huge island, you need to get up and get to work. Your first job is to go around to discover the new and mysterious things in this world. You need to pick up any items that you can see along the way. They will help you get more resources.

Next, you need to build your own base. Choose the best territory to start building. Once you have a base, you need to protect it from the attacks of others. Remember that in this world, there are many other people who are also trying to strengthen their base. They want to take away all the wealth and resources of others including iron, minerals, ores, timber, etc.

Finally, if you can get your own resources from others, you can strengthen your base and expand your territory. Balance both activities to be successful. The game offers attractive mechanics, which is similar to Five Nights at Freddy's 1.

Controls the character

WASD for movement.

Space bar for jump.

LMB for the main action.

T for the microphone.

M to see map.

Tab to open inventory.

Enter for text chat.

Right-click to build the menu.

Some features of Tribals.io

Watch the map to locate

The map is minimized in the top right corner of the screen. You can look there to know your location on the island. However, if you want to see the map in detail, just press M. You can see many other structures on this island. Therefore, you can release excellent strategies to expand your territory.

Find out the shop

Shops are often scattered in many locations on the island. Each store will sell different products. Depending on your needs, go to the appropriate shop to buy more other items.