Tile Craft 3D

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How to color the playing field in Tile Craft 3D

Tile Craft 3D is a running game combined with interesting coloring. You have to stack the tiles and place them in the corresponding numbered cells.

An exciting playground is waiting for you. In this game, you will see a lot of interesting playing fields where cells are marked with numbers. Each number corresponds to a different color. You need to color all cells in the playing field with color tiles. Let's stack the tiles and bring them to the right position.

To complete your mission, you will control a stickman. You need to navigate him to the side of the colored tiles. Select the color you want to be large. After the tiles have been stacked to the maximum, you will navigate your character so that he goes to the playing field.

There is also another mission for you. You need to collect all the gold coins on the playing field. They appear as soon as you put the tiles in the right place. The amount of gold you have will help you get more upgrades and helpers. Good luck!

Some upgrades and helpers for you in Tile Craft 3D

As you know, your gold coins can buy many items. They will make your game easier. So, do not miss any of them. Like The Last Survivors, this game has a lot of gold coins, which motivates you to play the game.

The upgrades

There are three types of upgrades available. They are Stack, Speed, and Range. The number of tiles your character can increase significantly if you boost the stack. In addition, you should also speed up your character to be able to complete the task faster. Finally, do not forget Range.

The helper

For large playgrounds, you should hire more staff. They will help you move the tiles and place them in the right position. You can hire up to 12 workers. Do not forget to click on the Speed and Stack to upgrade them. So try to accumulate gold coins to do it.