Thieves Assassin

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Transform into a hero in Thieves Assassin

Some exciting missions

Play Thieves Assassin to fight against many thieves before they do. Your mission is to eliminate your enemies and collect as many coins as possible.

In this game, you will transform into a hero. His mission is to defeat all the thieves. They are very dangerous, so when controlling your character you need to be careful. They can attack you. As a result, you will lose your life. If you get killed more than three times in a level, you will have to stop the game. So don't waste the lives you have. You need to use them properly to pass the level.

Besides killing the thieves, you also need to collect gold coins. They will help you get more skills. The more gold coins you earn, the more chances you have to buy them. You should accumulate them right away.

The game opens an ideal journey for you. You can have fun and practice your skills. Silent Insanity P.T. - Psychological Trauma is also an interesting game. Like this game, it gives you a great experience while trying to defeat the enemy.

How to control

The arrow key to move.

The spacebar to kill.

Z to throw the stones.

X to release a thunderbolt.

The up arrow key to jump.

Double-press up the arrow key to jump higher.

Some outstanding features of Thieves Assassin

The shop

Your hero will use stones and thunderbolts to attack opponents. However, the number of these items is limited. You need to use your gold coins to buy more items. As a result, you can clean up all enemies from the playing field. Try your best to collect many coins and purchase them.

The leaderboard

The leaderboard will show how many points you have. If you score an impressive score, you can be ranked high. A high rank will keep you motivated to fight dangerous thieves. Can you be ranked at the top of the leaderboard? Are you ready to join the game?