The Spin Slasher

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The attractions of The Spin Slasher

The principles of the game

Participate in The Spin Slasher to enjoy a fierce battle. Try to escape from the pursuit of zombies and ghosts and kill them with the saw machine.

In the game, you will transform into a slasher. You will have a chainsaw with you. It can spin around you. Its mission is to protect your character from the attack of zombies and ghosts. However, to use it, you need to have a special strategy. Because it revolves around your character, you cannot seem to use them as you normally would. You need to align the distance between the character and the zombies to be able to eliminate them. You also need to pay attention to the sides that the saw has not rotated. Maybe zombies and ghosts will attack you from these sides.

The appearance of zombies and ghosts will increase constantly. Your character will be put at high risk. Therefore, you should run to escape. Hap applies every strategy to be able to level up. Good luck.


W to go forward.

S to go back.

A to turn left.

D to turn right.

Some tricks to combat ghosts in The Spin Slasher

Running faster than your opponent is also a good way. You are not cowardly when applying this tactic. You will probably protect your character better. Additionally, it is best if you can keep your distance from zombies and ghosts. They can kill your character at any time. Can you become a professional slasher? Try to be able to win.

The game is very interesting. You will be immersed in the dark space. Does the appearance of zombies and ghosts scare you? The game has extremely unique graphics.