Tennis Masters

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Join a tennis match in Tennis Masters

The overview of the game

Tennis Masters is a great gym simulation game for tennis enthusiasts. Your task is to score more points than your opponent by hitting and smashing the ball.

Tennis is a sport that is loved by many people. It not only brings health benefits but also creates fiery matches. Tennis can be played solo or in teams of two. The gameplay of Tennis is also quite simple.

Inspired by this sport, the game was launched. If you are a fan of this sport or have a passion for it, join the game now. In addition, The Last Survivors is also an interesting game that you can try.

In this game, you can choose to play solo or in teams of two. Try to be the champion.

The main missions in the game

Your task in this game is very simple. You need to control your athlete character. Help him win by scoring the most points. If you can reach the end score first, you will be the champion. You will have to run to be able to hit or smash the ball.

Balance running and hitting the ball. Your opponent is also very clever. He does tricks and causes the ball to land on your side of the field. As a result, you cannot receive any points. You should be careful.

The highlights of Tennis Masters

The game modes

Choose 1 Player mode if you want to play the game alone. You will compete with opponents controlled by computers. You need to have a smart strategy to be able to take down your opponents. Do not forget your ultimate goal is to be the champion.

2 Player mode allows you to join the game with another person. The two of you will work together to defeat your opponent. You need to work together to win. Player 1 will use WASD to move and press Z or X to hit or smash the ball. The player 2 will use the arrow keys to control. Press L and K to hit and smash.

The remarkable match

The game offers two kinds of matches. The first is Tournament and the second one is a Friend Match. You can join one of them. If you do not participate in the fierce match, you can select a Friendly Match. Join the Tournament when you become the master.