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Join the party with the snakes at SushiParty.io

The mechanics of the game

SushiParty.io is an ultimate multiplayer game with a snake character. Control your snake to join the party and try your best to consume sushi and other dishes.

The game offers a perfect party where your character can consume a wide variety of foods, especially sushi. At this party, there were many other people also participating. They come here to be able to enjoy a variety of delicious food. So they are your competitors. You need to eat more food than others to size up your snake character.

While playing, you also need to pay attention to other snakes. They can remove you from the playing field at any time. If you stab other snakes in the body, you will turn into their food. Do not let this bad thing happen. You need to avoid them and keep eating other foods.

What's more, if you want more teammates who can support you, you can choose 2P mode. This mode allows you and another person to control your character on the same device. Two snakes need to walk side by side to support each other. If the two snakes do not come close to each other, you will be removed from the playing field. So this mode needs good cooperation. Are you and your teammates ready for this game? Like Ninja.io, the game is available on our web. You can join everwhen.

Controls your character

Player 1

WASD to move.

Player 2

The arrow keys to move.

Some tips to eat many dishes in SushiParty.io

In order not to be turned into other people's food, you can eliminate them first. You can create traps to make other snakes hit your character first. As a result, they will disappear.

When you become a giant snake, you can surround your opponent. You need to make the gap narrow and leave them with no way out. This trick works well. It is best if you can try applying it.