Stickman Battle Fight Warriors

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The intense matches in Stickman Battle Fight Warriors

Stickman Battle Fight Warriors is no stranger to those who love action games. In this game, you will fight hard to eliminate all others and become the champion.

The game brings a lot of fiery battles. Each game mode will have different matches. Your mission in the game is also different. You should follow the game mode information below.

The campaign mode

In this game mode, you will fight to defeat the enemy base. Before you can cross the bridge and destroy your opponent's base, you need to kill him first. Clear the opponent to be able to cross the bridge easily. Finally, you will complete the level.

The 1 Player mode

This is a match between your hero and an opponent controlled by the computer. It is pretty hard to beat him because he is pre-programmed, so he has a lot of tricks to threaten your character's life. You need to take caution.

The 2 Player mode

Like The Last Survivors, you also can join the game mode with another one. Both of you need to use the keys on the same keyboard to control. This human vs human match seems more interesting. You will compete fairly to determine the winner. It is said that this mode helps both of you become bonded and close. Let's strengthen your relationship with the game.

The survival mode

You still continue to fight alone in this mode. However, the number of opponents will increase. You may encounter many enemies. They appear at the same time and drain you of energy. It is best if you can destroy them before they do. If you want to train your skills and challenge matches, you can join it.

The ways to beat other heroes in Stickman Battle Fight Warriors

Player 1

WASD to control.

Player 2

Arrow keys to control.