Star Luster Mini

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The attraction of Star Luster Mini

The race track in the game

Join Star Luster Mini to conquer a special race track in space. Control your spaceship to avoid obstacles and enemies while reaching the longest distance.

The game offers a very unique race track. It is a tube placed in space. It creates a tight space. You will drive a spaceship to conquer this track. However, things are not as simple as you might imagine. There are many obstacles. They are meteorites and asteroids. You are not allowed to touch them. In addition, there are also many other competitors. They also control other spaceships. You can shoot them down to get more points. It is said that the race track offers a lot of challenges. If you are brave enough, join the game. Try to conquer the farthest distance. You will receive points corresponding to the distance you have traveled.

The spaceship

You will control a spaceship in this game. It can shoot bullets to destroy the enemy. However, you will control it from a first-person perspective, which creates a real feeling for you when playing the game. You will feel like a real airship pilot. Experience the thrill and anxiety of facing danger.

How to control in Star Luster Mini

Controlling the spaceship is very easy. You just need to use the mouse to play the game. You will hold and drag the mouse to control your spaceship. If you want to defeat your enemies, you need to press the left mouse button to shoot. Try your best to go as far as possible. Good luck!