Stack Bounce

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About Stack Bounce

Some challenges in the game

Stack Bounce is an exciting casual game with a bouncing ball. You need to assist it in reaching the bottom of the tower without hitting the black platforms.

A tower with lots of background appears in the game. Your bouncing ball will be placed at the top of the tower. To complete the mission, you need to break the platforms and reach the bottom of the tower. However, each platform is divided into two parts. You can only break the parts that are not black. If you intentionally break the black platform, you lose instantly. You will play the level again to get scores. Therefore, you need to hold the left mouse button to break the colorful parts.

In addition, when advancing to the next level, the black part on each platform will take up a larger area. They cause your problems. You will face more risks. So you need to be more careful not to lose. Try to conquer as many levels as possible. Can you break your own record?

Some excellent tips for you

You should break the platforms as quickly as possible. If you can break them quickly, you can accumulate energy. Then, the energy will help you to break the platform automatically. You will save more time if you have energy. In addition, the risk is also significantly reduced.

Some traits of Stack Bounce

The game offers a lot of levels. The difficulty of the levels will increase gradually. They will force you to concentrate hard to pass the level. In addition, the platforms of the levels will change color and shape continuously. You will no longer feel bored while playing the game. These are your great features. You should join and experience it. What is the highest score you can get?