Spooky Island

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Your missions in Spooky Island

Protect your territory

Welcome to Spooky Island where you need to protect your territory. You have to kill as many fierce wolves as possible and prevent them from attacking your land.

Initially, the island was quite small in size. It is divided into two areas. Half is your territory where you will be safe if you stand behind a protective fence. The other side is invaded by ferocious wolves. They will appear on the ground and attack your territory. They appear more and more. They want to break your protective barrier. Your mission is to defend your territory. Control your character to get close to these wolves and attack them. You have to kill the wolves that stand closer to the fence. They can cause your fence to collapse. After you defeat any wolf, you will get their bones as a reward. You will return to your territory and exchange these bones for gold coins.

Expand your territory

After you exchange the wolves' bones for gold coins, you can use them to expand your territory. You can open more swordsmith shops, money changers, cannons, or other areas. As your territory expands, the wolf's territory also expands. You will face more wolves. Fight like a true warrior to defend your territory. Do not forget to get wolf bones from cannons to exchange for more gold coins. Good luck. If you want to challenge yourself with fierce matches, you can also join Slendrina x The Dark Hospital.

Some traits of Spooky Island

Move to the new island

Once you have expanded all your territories. You will see a boat and another man waiting for you in the sea. You can use gold coins to move to other islands. They will take you away, and the current island will be blown up. Coming to the new island, you continue to participate in fierce battles to protect the territory from the attack of wolves. Surely there are many other interesting challenges waiting for you. Good luck.

Exchange and upgrade your weapons

To fight against ferocious monsters, you need to get better weapons. You need a lot of gold coins to upgrade your sword. After the upgrade level is maxed out, you will own a new sword. It can help you defeat your enemies faster. Your movement speed is also greatly improved. As a result, you can easily defend your territory.