Space Purge

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How to protect the Earth in Space Purge

Shoot to eliminate the obstacles

Space Purge is an attractive shooting game where you must protect the Earth. The game requests you control a spaceship and shoot planets and meteorites.

Earth is under threat from other planets and meteorites. They are constantly rushing toward the Earth. Therefore, you need to protect the earth from the attack of these meteorites.

You will control the spaceship to protect the Earth. You must not let any meteors or planets collide with the Earth unless a terrifying explosion occurs. You have to shoot until the planets and meteors shatter. If you complete the mission, you will get a lot of bonus points. They are your motivation to continue your mission.

Collect many important items

Furthermore, while fighting to protect the earth, you also need to collect items to gain more fighting power. These items will appear in the galaxy. Firstly, you can own one of three special types of spaceships. Each type of spaceship will have special features. Next, the Laser Launcher is also divided into three categories. You can upgrade them by collecting these items. Thirdly, you can get more points by collecting Extra Bonuses. You can get up to 2000 points after collecting them. Besides, you can protect your spaceship by collecting the Spaceship Shield items. Finally, let's get the Spaceship +1 Life to exist in the galaxy.

The life of the spaceship and Earth in Space Purge

Both the spacecraft and the Earth have only three lives. Your spaceship is only allowed to hit other meteors no more than three times. If you want to increase the life of your spaceship, you need to collect Spaceship +1 Life item. As a result, you can outlast. Earth is also not allowed to collide with other meteorites more than three times unless it will explode.