Slendrina x The Dark Hospital

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Explore the haunted hospital in Slendrina x The Dark Hospital

Some things about the hospital

Slendrina x The Dark Hospital is an outstanding horror game. You have to defeat all of the zombies and escape from a creepy abandoned hospital.

This haunted hospital has been abandoned. Almost no one dared to come here when everyone knew of Slendrina's presence. She used to be the most beautiful girl in the area, but she worshiped Satan, so she was cursed to become a bloodthirsty ghost. She stayed in this hospital to commit her crimes. Not only did she break free from the seal, but she also freed other ghosts. The ghost of Slendrina has a thin body, wears an old white dress, a gaunt white face, and blood-red eyes. She goes around the hospital and scares everyone.

This dark hospital still contains many other scary things, join the game now to explore this hospital. Are you brave enough to complete all missions? If you are a fan of horror games, and you already know Slendrina, do not miss Slendrina Must Die: The House which is another game in the same series as Slendrina x The Dark Hospital.

Escape from the deadly hospital

The abandoned hospital with countless risks is waiting for you. Are you really ready to join this bloody chase? Your mission is to survive within five days and find a way out of the hospital where you are imprisoned. Everything seems simple, but you have almost no specific weapons. You can only use the items you pick up in the process of finding a way to escape by pressing the F key. It can be hospital items such as water bottles, cups, plates, boxes, etc. However, you can completely hide by pressing the F key to hide from the pursuit of the enemy. You will need to carefully conceal yourself, flee, erect barriers, and build shelters if you want to survive.

Controls your character

WASD to walk around.

Mouse to look around.

F key to interact/ hide/ use items.

G key to drop item.

T key to unhide.

C key to crouch.

Esc to pause.

The graphics and sound of Slendrina x The Dark Hospital

Sound and graphics are the things that attract players. The manufacturer has developed them to increase the curiosity of the players.

The graphics of the game

Graphics are also remarkable. Everything combines harmoniously to create an entertaining game suitable for many people. Corridors, dark rooms, rusty iron doors, and all the details create a claustrophobic feeling. They make hospitals scarier. The dark scene of the game has contributed to its success. In addition, you can also customize the sound and sensitivity in the options section. This game will please you with its dynamics. The game is a perfect choice for those who do not like primitive entertainment. Additionally, you also play Baldi's Basics to relax.

The sound of the game

The rushing sound of each character's movement creates fear in the player, helping to promote the excitement of the game. You will be immersed in the game thanks to the sound. Sometimes these scary sounds can startle you. The fear and suspense increased with the addition of these creepy sounds.