Slendrina Must Die: The House

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Some things about Slendrina Must Die: The House online

How to complete the game

Slendrina Must Die: The House is a chilling horror game in which you have to find eight pieces of a picture to find out the truth about Slendrina and escape.

You are armed with a pistol, and your mission is to find a way out of the house that is said to be haunted by a woman named Slendrina, a terrifying monster. This is a dark house with dark walls and silent corridors, which will remind you of horror movies and will scare you from the very first second. You need to protect yourself from her pursuit. The only way to end her is to collect all the papers that will reveal her secret. Act quickly before she captures you. Use the "WASD" keys to move around to find the puzzle piece. When meeting enemies, you need to quickly destroy them by using Left Mouse Button to shoot them down. Remember to search every part of the house carefully so as not to miss any pieces of the picture. You can also find many other good items such as grenades, first aid boxes, and keys to open other closed rooms. Whether you are a hero who is not going to die? Save your life with all of your remaining energy to get away.

The game brings feelings of fear and suspense. Slendrina can appear at any time and threaten your life. The game was created to test your bravery. After completing the quest, you can join Baldi's Basics to continue experiencing the fear that the game brings.

How to control

WASD key to walk around.

Mouse to look around.

Left Mouse Button to fire.

Right Mouse Button to aim.

Mouse Wheel to change weapons

Left Shift key to run.

Left CTRL key to crouch.

R key to reload.

F key to pick up items.

C key to prone.

Space to Jump

The characters in Slendrina Must Die: The House

There are two kinds character in the game. Your character belongs to the main character. Slendrina is the villain.

Slendrina character

Slendrina is the main character in this game series. She was hit with a terrifying curse. This curse makes her look like a ghost with her long hair and white suit. She looks very scary. She cursed the whole house and hid the pieces of the picture. Only when the complete picture can be obtained will the curse be removed. If the quest cannot be completed, the curse will continue to haunt the next generations. Slendrina's daughter will continue to be cursed and do her mother's job.

Your character

The first-person game makes you feel like you and your character are one. You must always keep in mind that your character can die if attacked by Slendrina or run out of health. You need to find aid kits to help your character increase his energy. In addition, your number of ammo is also limited. Use them wisely to eliminate Slendrina and find clues. You can also pick up other weapons. Do not miss them. They will help you destroy Slendrina.