Slashy Camp

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Some challenges in Slashy Camp

Transform into a slasher in Slashy Camp to complete your missions. To get more scores, you need to slash many citizens and avoid deadly obstacles.

In the game, you will face many challenges. Are you ready to take on a new mission? Come and conquer these challenges.

The enemies

Your first challenge is the appearance of opponents. They are policemen and hunters. They are trying to find a way to protect their inhabitants. However, you also need to eliminate them to be able to slash as many of the town's inhabitants as possible. Breaking the peace of this place is your duty.

To deal with the police, you can eliminate him before he shoots you. Pay attention to the red aim. It is the location where the police will trap you. Move to other locations where you can slash the police. When you succeed, you will get 200 points. The score is twice as many as slash citizens.

Hunters are also very dangerous. They can use guns to eliminate you. You need to get over them quickly to stay on your own. The best way to destroy hunters is to slash them when they are reloading. Like Baldi's Basics, the game gives you a thrilling and dramatic experience. You will immerse yourself in the game.

The obstacles

While slashing many people, you need to be careful with sparks. They will take your life if you hit them. In addition, the ponds also force you to stop the game. What's more, you are not allowed to slash the pink rabbit. You will pay the price if you do something wrong. Other obstacles such as rocks, boulders, and bushes are blocking your way. You need to find another way to continue your journey. Make an effort to slash many people and get the highest scores.

Some outstanding traits of Slashy Camp

Scores are very important. You can use them to unlock characters and weapons. You should focus on slashing enemies to earn more scores.

The exclusive slasher

There are many slasher characters in this game. You need to accumulate enough points to be able to unlock them. Each character will have different shapes. They look pretty scary. They are well-suited to making cold-blooded slashers. Which character do you like best? The three most popular characters include Vampire, Robot, and H2O Delirious. You need a lot of points to unlock them. Let's accumulate points through turns to win. There are 20 characters waiting for you. Do you want to select all of them?

The weapons

To make your character stronger, you can equip a few weapons for your character. You can choose a hammer, ax, sword, saw, shuriken, sickle, scissors, shovel, table, etc. You need to slash enough people to unlock them. You can sometimes collect them on the playing field. Do not miss any weapons while fighting. The game offers a total of 62 weapons. They are all extremely powerful weapons. You should unlock them and find the weapon that works best for you.