Siren Head Bridge Escape

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Some things about Siren Head Bridge Escape

Siren Head Bridge Escape is a scary horror game with the character Siren Head. The game requests you to guide the lost girl and get her out of the monster.

In the game, there is a scary monster. Let's learn more about it and how it hurts the lost girl. You need to be brave to help the lost girl escape from this scary place.

The character in the game

Welcome to this scary horror game. Are you ready for more gameplay? In the game, you will confront a character named Siren Head. It looks like an electric pole with two loudspeakers on top. It is thin and tall. Its whole body is covered with a rust color. It looks like it just stepped out of hell.

Siren Head has become an obsession with everyone who crosses the bridge. It is hideous and has great power. It can hide by blending in with the colors and surroundings. In this game, it is almost difficult to spot it because of the color of its body. You should pay attention to the beginning of it to distinguish. You need to avoid it as soon as possible.

The character's damage

Siren Head usually appears in places with a lot of wood. This time, it appeared on the wooden bridge. It finds all sorts of ways to distract tourists. It creates fake sounds to trick people. So it led them astray. Then if anyone approaches it. It will torment them with its sound. It causes them to perforate their eardrums with loud, crackling, or white sounds.

In addition, its attack speed is also very fast. It makes it difficult for people to avoid it. As a result, it hunted a lot of prey and became a serial killer.

The trick and tips to win in Siren Head Bridge Escape

If you want to escape from the Siren Head, you should follow some tips and tricks below. Hope that they can help you to slide over the monster and reach the finish line successfully.

Controls your character

In this game, Siren Head will hunt a lost girl. You will control her to escape. You need unique skills to defeat it. Help the girl cross the bridge without getting hurt. Touching the blue exit gate is your ultimate aim.

To control the lost girl, you need to use WASD to move. Move flexibly to avoid monsters. Remember that you are not allowed to fall into the water. When facing monsters, you need to hold down Shift to slide over the monster. Take caution to win in the game.

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Some tips for you

From a distance, you can completely hear strange sounds. It was emitted from Siren Head. You can choose to cross it or find other bridges without the appearance of Siren Head.

If you choose to confront Siren Head, you will shorten the distance you have to travel. However, your reaction speed must be fast to dodge it.

If you choose another path. It will be farther and harder to go. You may also encounter broken bridges with many gaps. It is the cause of your loss because you fell into the water.