Shorties' Kingdom 3

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Battle of the warriors inShorties' Kingdom 3

Join Shorties' Kingdom 3 and defeat all scary monsters. The game requests you to win many battles and merge the weapons and items to upgrade them.

The battles in this game are extremely unique. You will face countless terrifying monsters. They will appear one after the other. The monsters are larger than your character. They also possess unparalleled strength. You need to fight until they run out of energy.

You need to remember that you only have three lives. Each life corresponds to one character. If one of your three characters is defeated, you will lose a life. Defeat all the monsters before they do. You can use the moves to beat your enemies. Initially, your characters will beat your opponents automatically. Then, you need to press the move buttons to destroy your rivals quickly.

The highlights of Shorties' Kingdom 3

The characters

In the game, you will own three different characters. Each person will own different types of weapons. The old man owns a cane which is used as a weapon. It has great power and can defeat many different types of monsters. He is the last to go. The next one is a female warrior. She is very brave. She can use bows and arrows proficiently. This is a great weapon. The leader was a male warrior. He has a sharp sword. He uses it to defeat monsters. It is said that the game offers various characters. If you also want to play another game with attractive characters, you can select Slendrina Must Die: The House.

The characters' armory

As mentioned above, each character will own a different weapon. After you win, you will get more weapons. You need to merge them to get more cutting-edge weapons. Try to win as many matches as possible. You have a chance to own legendary weapons. Good luck.