Short Life

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Conquer the crazy adventure with the man

Some challenges for you in Short Life

Short Life offers the deadly adventure of a man. He appears to be untidy and is trying to find his way out before he is ruined by many hazardous traps.

Have you ever met a man who looks rough and hideous? In this game, your character has an ugly appearance. He was only wearing his pajamas. Your mission is to help him reach the finish line successfully.

However, things are not as easy as you might expect. The pitfalls in the game are really scary. It can take your life at any time. Dangerous traps in the game include pits of spikes, moving knives, stairs filled with bombs, and a host of other scary things.

Your journey is extremely difficult. You will probably fail a lot of times but do not worry too much. You will definitely be safe after training many times. Replay the game many times until you master it. Can you become a master in the game? Come and play this game. If you are passionate about adventure, Siren Head Bridge Escape is also a wise choice for you.

How to reach the finish line

The left and right arrow keys to go left and right.

The up arrow key to jump or stand up.

The down arrow key to crouch.

P to pause the game.

Some attractive characters in Short Life

The game offers up to 16 difficulty levels. These levels are extremely scary. The difficulty will increase day by day. You will face more obstacles. However, you will receive a large number of stars as your reward. You can use your stars to buy other heroes. There are 6 heroes in this game. They can be lean or fat differently. The costumes of each character are also different. Choose your favorite character to start a new level.