Save The Dummy

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The overview of Save The Dummy

Save The Dummy brings spectacular rescues. A stickman character waits for you to rescue him from the dangers and pass the challenging levels.

Each rescue journey in the game is an interesting story. You will encounter many difficult situations. Your characters will in turn be placed in dangerous situations where they can be killed at any time.

In this game, your main character is a stickman. He is facing many difficulties. He is threatened by sharks, spikes, banana peels, guns, cannons, lava, etc.

In addition to the stickman character, from time to time, you will rescue a few other small animals such as turtles. They need your help to run away from the threat.

The game is very suitable for entertainment and brain training. You will need to come up with wise strategies to protect your character. Situations and levels will gradually increase in difficulty. So, be the smartest person after conquering all the levels of the game. If you want to train your brain with horror puzzles, you should choose TrollFace Quest: Horror 3.

The strict principles of Save The Dummy

To rescue your characters, you just need to use the mouse to play. You need to draw strokes to protect the character. Create the perfect shield with your painting talent. You should pay attention to small details. They can be clues to difficult requests. If you cannot find the best way, you can choose to use tips. You have to pay 100 gems for each time you use it. It is best if you can solve puzzles by yourself to win more gems. Besides, if you do not have enough gems to use tips. You can ask your friends for help. Let's play games together to get great ideas. Break a leg!