Robo Runner

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The challenging track on Robo Runner

Robo Runner challenges you to reach the finish line safely. Depending on the terrain, you need to choose the right character to avoid or break the obstacles.

The race track in the game is very diverse. It has many kinds of traps and obstacles. So the track creates a lot of tough challenges for you. Are you ready to conquer it?

The track in the game is divided into many different tracks. Each road segment will have different types of obstacles. You must remember that depending on the type of obstacle, choose the right vehicle.

While trying to reach the finish line, you also need to pay attention to the character's speed. You should not go too fast unless you will lose control. The game requires you to have great abilities to complete the race. You can practice more with Siren Head Bridge Escape. It is an attractive game that many people love. It is very suitable to practice before you start conquering this track.

Some characters you can select in Robo Runner

When you start playing the game, you will control the robot character. It can shoot bullets toward your opponent. You need to use it to destroy all the stickmen that are blocking your way. Next, you can change your character. The Roller option is an excellent idea. It helps you break the walls. Also, when you want to overcome large gaps, you should use Spinner. In addition, if you are going to both shoot enemies down and fly over the gaps, you can choose the Warplane. Mini Tank, Hell Bringer, Drillers, and Mecha Dragons are powerful characters.

Remember that the number of characters will increase. You have many opportunities to choose your character to reach the finish line. However, the number of enemies will also increase significantly. Try to reach the finish line safely.