Riot Escape

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Run away from Riot Escape

The game rules

Riot Escape is a thrilling running game where you have to outrun others. Control your character to overcome the obstacles and get on the truck successfully.

Unluckily, you are to be one of the members of the riot. It's very chaotic now, countless other stickmen are also here. Because of the riots, the police began to carry out their duties. They will arrest all participants in the riot. So you need to help your stickman character to escape.

To escape from the riot, you need to make your character run in the direction of the truck. Get on the truck quickly to be safe. However, everything is not so simple. There are many obstacles on the way. There are high-voltage poles, spikes, and buses. They block your character's path or can cause death. You need to dodge them to save yourself. Let's climb over the bus quickly. You should choose another path to dodge spikes and poles.

Finally, you need to accelerate to get on the fastest truck. The last to the board will be disqualified. This is truly a dramatic riot. Have you ever joined it? You can join it now. After completing all missions, play Narrow.One.

Controls in the game

W to go forward/climb.

S to go back.

A to turn left.

D to turn right.

The traits of Riot Escape

After you complete the level, you can choose a power-up. You can choose Safe Start to own weapons while playing. As a result, your character can eliminate other enemies, even the police. If you choose No Traps, you will go further to reach the truck. However, you will not need to dodge any kind of obstacles on the way. There are many other types of power-ups waiting for you. You can explore them all to be successful.