Pin The UFO

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Rescue the alien balls in Pin The UFO

Join Pin The UFO to make all alien balls fall into the UFO. You have to find the best ways to make all balls move to the UFO and complete the level.

There are a lot of alien balls that are stuck. They are trapped by walls in space. To rescue them, you need to be strategic. There will be a UFO coming to pick up the alien balls. You need to rescue them now. Draw the pins to make the alien balls fall. If all the alien balls fall on the UFO, you will complete the level. Continue with more difficult levels. Can you pass these levels?

In addition, when you complete the level, you can collect many gold coins. Try your best to accumulate all the coins. You will become the rich with a large number of coins. You also invite your friends to join the game. You will immerse yourself in the game and relax. Have fun and good luck!

Other rules you must follow in Pin The UFO

Change the color of all alien balls

Alien balls are divided into two types. One type of alien ball is colorful and the other is only white. Alien balls falling on UFOs will not be accepted. You will lose if you let the monochrome alien balls fall. To be able to win, you must make all the alien balls brilliant. You need to draw the pins to make these two balls merge. Then, they will be inserted into the UFO successfully.

Eliminate the bombs

You also need to be careful with a lot of bombs in the playground. You have to find ways to make them fall into space or make them explode when they collide with each other. Don't give these bombs a chance to remove alien balls.