Paper.io 2

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How to expand the territory in Paper.io 2

Some rules you must follow

Play Paper.io 2 to explore the new world with a cube character. Control your character to expand your territory while avoiding crashing into others.

Welcome to this highly addictive multiplayer game. The game allows you to join with random players from all over the world. Also, if you want to join the game with your friends, you can create a private party. You will receive a code, then send it to your friends to join the game.

In this game, you will control a colored cube. It has a very unique-looking long tail. Every time it passes through the area, it turns the place into its area. The color of your territory depends on the character you select. However, you should also be aware that while you are attempting to invade the area, you have a flaw that can cause you to lose everything. It is your tail, and the enemy can use it to completely destroy all of your territories with each move to a new territory. Additionally, you can also play the other side, but in order to win, your tactics must be flawless. Furthermore, as long as you do not get your tail chopped off, let's attack other people's land.

Controls the cube character

You will hold and drag the left mouse button to move.

Some notes for you when playing Paper.io 2

After establishing a territory, many other opponents will follow and can invade it at any time. Therefore, the larger the territory, the harder it is to manage and the easier it is to defeat. You need to pay attention to the positions of many enemies to be able to dodge or trap them.

A person will slash your tail while you are zoning and you will lose everything if you are too greedy to gain a big territory. It is therefore best to separate your area. Instead of expanding to just one place, let's visit several.