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What is Narrow.One

Narrow.One is a highly addictive multiplayer game. You can join and check your shooting ability, and try your best to eliminate all opponents from the maps.

Welcome to the fascinating archery game. You can return to the past, where there are still strongholds and castles. You need to protect the peace here. Be one of the most powerful warriors.

The mechanics of the game

In this game, you will be transformed into a warrior. A great warrior joins the never-ending war. He is a warrior with a great bow. The bow and arrow will be the only weapon he is equipped with to fight other enemies. Have you ever used a bow? If you do not know how to use bows and arrows, you can join this game to practice your skills. You can absolutely play games for fun and enhance your other abilities.

Your mission in this game is to use bows and arrows and fight with other enemies. They are also equipped with bows and arrows. These dangerous enemies are trying to find a way to disrupt the peace. They attacked barracks, strongholds, and even castles. The number of enemies is increasing day by day. Are you ready to fight?

Besides, you also have to attack the castle of the enemy embankment. You must get the flag of the enemy team to be one of the winners. Before approaching the enemy to capture the flag, make sure that your stronghold remains safe at all times.


Use WASD or the arrow key to move.

Use the left mouse button to shoot.

The multiplayer game

Fighting alone with opponents is impossible. You will become a failure without teammates. The game allows you to join others. Open a private room and send the code to your friends. You will fight as a team and try to win.

Collaborating with others makes defending the castle more effective. As a result, you can both defend and attack. Good luck.

Explore Narrow.One

The game still has many other interesting things waiting for you. How many characters do you know in the game? What will you do to help them become stronger? Which arenas are right for you? Join the game now to experience it. If you finish the game, you can move to Baldi's Basics.

Customize your characters

The characters in the game include Scout, Assault, Sharpshooter, Runner, Support, and Defender. These characters will contain different powers. Their duties will also be different. If you want to know more, participate in the game. In addition, if you want to customize them, you should select them and press the Edit button. You can customize Looks, Gear, Bow, Melee, Arrow, and Reward. You can make your character look more eye-catching. Increase the strength of the character in the Gear section. If you can upgrade the Bow and Arrow, your weapon will be better than before. Shot power and aim have also been improved.

Unlock many maps

Each map in the game will offer different matches. The location of the match was also changed. As a result, you will no longer feel bored. You can choose from several maps such as Castles, Forts, Alleys, Fields, Ruins, Arena, Towers, Arch, Halls, Tombs, Hill, Jungle, Wall, Temple, and Graveyard. You don't need to meet any of the requirements to choose them.