My Craft: Craft Adventure

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About My Craft: Craft Adventure

The gameplay

My Craft: Craft Adventure offers a fantastic adventure. To complete the level, you must collect three stars while fighting against opponents.

An exciting adventure is waiting for you. You will transform into a strong guy. Your task is to reach the finish line to pass the level. However, before reaching the finish line, you must defeat all enemies. They also own excellent weapons. You must kill them before they do. In the following level, you can unlock a little pet. It can help you attack opponents.

While trying to pass the level, you also collect three stars. It is the best reward for you. In addition, do not miss the gold coins on the track. You can use them to purchase other skins or weapons.

Ways to control the character

If you want to use the keyboard to control, press WASD to move, and the spacebar to attack your rivals. Click on the move icons and attack icon if you want to use the left mouse button to play. It is best if you can take advantage of the blocks and elevator to move. Good luck!

The remarkable traits of My Craft: Craft Adventure

Some skins in the shop

You can visit the store once you've advanced to level 3. To begin the game, you can purchase other skins. Both of the shop's characters are lovely and have distinctive attributes. You can choose them to pass a number of difficult stages. You need to gather a lot of coins in order to buy them. Give it your all.

Some kinds of cutting-edge weapons

Keep in mind that there are many foes to confront the higher you play. To exchange other ultimate weapons, you need to gather a lot of gems. There are several swords available. To take it, you need more than three gems.