Lil Wing

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Join the thrilling adventure in Lil Wing

You can conquer the longest distance with a bird in Lil Wing. Your mission is to control your character to fly further while avoiding many pillars.

In this game, you will control a cute bird. It needs to cross many pillars. If you are careless, it will crash into these pillars. As a result, you will have to stop the game. You need to be careful and skillful to let your character fly further. Your score will be calculated according to the number of pillars that you have passed. Therefore, make an effort to get the highest scores.

However, the game is not as simple as you think. Your character can only change the height. You cannot navigate and its speed directly. You also cannot predict how high the bird will reach. So it is a big challenge for you. You can practice to better align your character's height.

How to fly further in Lil Wing

To control the bird, you press the spacebar to fly up. Double the spacebar to fly higher. If you want to fly down, you need to release the spacebar. Remember that you do not let your bird land unless you lose. You should focus on pressing force and time pressing the spacebar. It is the only way you can control your character. Help the little bird fly over many pillars.