Lhama Clicker

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Steps to conquer Lhama Clicker

Participate in Lhama Clicker to train your pressing speed. You can use your taps to unlock as many upgrades as possible and play to get the highest scores.

The game has a very simple gameplay so it is suitable for everyone. With bright and eye-catching graphics, you will be immersed in the game and cannot stop playing it.

Click to get points in the game

Initially, you don't have any upgrades. You need to use the left mouse button and click on the character Lhama. The faster you click, the higher the number of Lhama points. If you reach X3 speed, your score will also triple. Notice the yellow bar at the bottom of the screen. The top bar will show how many Lhamas you have. The rules of the game are easy to understand. You can try to keep up with the game. Once you get used to it, you can play like a master.

This game was created to support gamers who want to improve their pressing speed. There are many other games, like Baldi's Basics that require fast hand speed. Therefore, if you want to train, do not miss the game.

Unlock the upgrades

When you have enough Lhama, you can use upgrades. They will help you increase the amount of Lhama significantly. For example, the Clicker upgrade will increase by 1 Lhama per click. The Lhama Farm will raise to 3 Lhama per second. Next, the Lhama Stable can add 5 Lhama per second. You need to unlock them to get the highest Lhama.

The better upgrade which can increase many Lhamas per second, the more Lhama is needed to unlock. You have to accumulate them to get them all.

Some costumes and achievements in Lhama Clicker

The skins and hats

When you have a lot of Lhama you will have the opportunity to own many different types of Lhama They have different colors so they look very eye-catching. They are really beautiful and lovely. They will automatically open when upgrades are opened.

In addition, there are many different types of hats. They are also very eye-catching. They make the character of Lhama more vivid. You buy them with your Lhamas.

The background

To avoid boredom, you can change the background behind it. Let's turn them into different weather patterns. You can choose rain, sunshine, blizzard, etc. They will make the renewed playground even better. They also can unlock automatically after you have a large number of Lhamas.

The achievements

If you get 100 clickers, 500 clickers, or 1000 clickers, they can be recorded in this section. Try your best to unlock all of the achievements. They will motivate you to try harder. You can completely make their number more than ever. Can you become one with the largest number of Lhamas? Your click speed will improve after playing this game. If you are ready to join, press the Start button now. You also can invite your friends to join the game. Compete fairly to find out the winner who has more Lhama and unlock many upgrades.