Learn To Fly

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Some things about Learn To Fly

Accompany a penguin on its fly learning process in Learn To Fly. The penguin needs your help to reach as far as possible and improve its fly ability.

The process of learning to fly is an extremely arduous process for a penguin. As you know, the peculiarity of the wings and feathers of the penguin makes it impossible to fly. In this game, however, your penguin found the motivation to learn to fly in the pieces of information he found online.

First, penguins learn to fly just like any other bird. It chooses the high edge. Below the canyon is the great sea. It begins to slide over steep slopes and jumps up by inertia. When it hits the seawater, it needs your help. You need to adjust the angle so that the penguin can hit its belly in the water fast enough. As a result, you can reach the longest distance.

This is an arduous process of learning to fly. You need to support it to fly far. Remember that the reward will be proportional to distance, duration, and attitude. So you need to pay more attention to be able to fly far.

It's time to help the penguin to fly

In Learn To Fly, to control your character, you use the left and right arrow keys. You use it to adjust the angle for the character. Let the character touch the water with the belly. If you make the character touch the head in the water, it will have to stop immediately. Pay attention to this rule.

In addition, after you complete the required tasks, you will continue with other stages. The next stages will gradually increase the difficulty. You may have to dodge obstacles on the sea surface. Can you help the penguin fly? To make your dreams come true, you should hone your skills. You can improve your tapping speed through the game Lhama Clicker. So, you will have more chances to win.