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Explore the new world in Growmi

Find the way out in Growmi

Growmi is a fascinating puzzle game with a yellow snake named Growmi. Your mission is to help it return to the portal safely and collect stars.

A small snake gets lost in a strange new world after entering a strange portal. It seems to have been lost. It would be best if you found a way to get it out of this place.

Around the little snake was tall purple walls and platforms. You need to use your wits to support your snake character to overcome difficulties. Remember, you still have to deal with a lot of thorns. They are usually located below gaps. Do not let your character fall into the pit, or you will lose.

Moreover, your snake character will be longer after eating stars. So, if you see any stars, don't miss them. They are one of the factors that determine your success.

The game will help you train your mind. You will be completely immersed in the game. But it seems that the fear of the challenges is quite similar to TrollFace Quest: Horror 3. If you have not tried them yet, join all of them now. You can test your IQ with them.

Controls the snake

W or the up arrow key to go forward.

S or the down arrow key to go back.

A or the left arrow key to turn left.

D or the right arrow key to turn right.

Some tactics to win in Growmi

Take advantage of the flexibility of the snake body to be able to overcome high platforms or blocks. Your snake may be up to four times longer than expected. However, sometimes the flexibility of the body also gets it in trouble. Your character can get stuck at any time.

As you know, when you collect the stars, your character's size will increase. Therefore, you do not miss them.

Furthermore, if you have a mistake, you can press the R to reload. You can come back to the previous step. Remember that you only take a step. So, do not make a lot of mistakes.