Funny Shooter 2

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What is Funny Shooter 2

The mechanics of the game

A fierce shooting battle is going on in Funny Shooter 2. To complete all tasks, you need to shoot down all enemies with powerful weapons and avoid being killed.

If you are passionate about shooting action games, this game is very suitable for you. You can join the game and experience an extremely intense match. Can you become a legendary warrior? How fast is your gun? Before you start playing this game, you can challenge yourself with Silent Insanity P.T. - Psychological Trauma.

In this game, you will play as a real warrior. Your mission is to use your advanced gun to shoot down other opponents. They are also trying to take your life so be careful when approaching them. It is best to shoot them in the head to be able to kill them faster. In addition, you also need to pay attention to dodge their bullets. You have to hide behind the walls, and wooden crates to not get shot. If your character runs out of energy, you lose. As a result, you will have to stop the game.

Try to be one of the last survivors on the playing field. If you complete the quest, you can get a large amount of gold coins. You can use them to upgrade guns and buy more cutting-edge weapons.

Navigate your character to win

WASD to move.

Shift to run.

The mouse to look around.

The left mouse to shoot.

The right mouse to aim.

R to reload.

G to throw a grenade.

T to inspect the weapon.

E to remove the weapon.

Scroll wheel to next/ leading weapon.

1-7 weapon hotkeys.

Tab to pause.

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Some remarkable upgrades

Health, Coin Magnet, and Grenades are upgrades available in the game. Your character can gain more energy if you boost your Health. Also, buy Coin Magnet to get more gold coins. They will be useful to you. Finally, buy more Grenades to make the fight more interesting.

Some daily goals

When you join the game, you can finish some daily targets, such as Bankers, Killer Redman, and Headshot. After finishing all of them, you can earn a large number of coins. You also train your shooting skills to complete these tasks.

The outstanding weapons

The game offers a variety of weapons. Types of guns with superior characteristics. They will be the key to your success. However, you need quite a lot of gold coins to be able to buy them. Try your best to accumulate as many coins as possible.