Fishing Frenzy

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About Fishing Frenzy

The targets in the game

Fishing online with Fishing Frenzy where you can satisfy your fishing passion. You need to catch many fish and meet the target before the time runs out.

To pass the level in the game, you need to complete the targets. Each level will require different targets. In the first level, you need to earn 250 points to finish the level. You also remember that you do not have much time. You must get the target points before you run out of time. Two minutes will start counting down as soon as you hit play. If you complete your task before time runs out, you will be able to score. These points will be accumulated for the following levels. Therefore, you should accumulate points gradually so as not to be pressured with high target levels.

The game has many levels. The difficulty will increase gradually. The creatures under the ocean will move faster. If you want to catch them, you need to put in more effort. Speed is the first requirement that you must meet when playing this game. Time pressure forces you to have a smart strategy to accomplish your goal. Good luck!

How to meet the target

You will use the keys to control your character who is a boy on the wooden boat. To steer the boat, you press the A and D to go back or go forward. Besides, if you want to drop the fishing line, you press S.

The value of some fish and items under the sea in Fishing Frenzy

Each type of fish will give you different points. You can also get more interesting gifts if you get the bubbles.

  • The seashell: It gives the lowest score among creatures living in the sea. You get 6 points for catching it.
  • The colorful fish: Red, green, yellow, blue, and redfish have scores of 10, 12, 14, 16, and 18 respectively. You should try to catch the fish to earn more points.
  • The seahorses: You can have 20 scores when you fish them.
  • The blow rabid sharks: They are the biggest fish. It is 50 scores.
  • The bubbles with timer, bombs, and treasure: You can add more time if you can get the bubbles with the timer. The bomb bubbles will destroy many fish at the same time. As a result, you can get a large number of scores. The treasure bubbles are rewards for you.