Fall Red Stickman

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Get high scores in Fall Red Stickman

Embark Fall Red Stickman to control a stickman character. In the game, you will get more points if your character falls far and has many injuries.

How to get many scores

Unlike other games, this game requires you to cause as much damage and accidents to the red Stickman character as possible. Your character will show injuries when falling. The more injuries, the more points you get. It can be said that this is a non-physical game. You will see its uniqueness. It will definitely be the most special game you will ever play. In the game Baldi's Basics, you have to help the character avoid dangers and obstacles, this game is completely the opposite. You have to find ways for your character to collide with the obstacles. He may fall down the stairs. If your character is stuck by cog gears, your score will increase significantly.

In addition, you also have to get your character thrown as far as possible. If your character falls and slides further, you get more points. Let's break your record through the plays. Good luck.


Controlling the character in the game is very easy. You will use the mouse to control the red stickman. You should click on the advance or jump icons to move your character. Then, according to inertia, your character will fall down the steps, or crash into the obstacles. Depending on the terrain, your character may slide further, which is good. You will get an impressive score.

Some tips and tricks in Fall Red Stickman

You should play the game many times to master it. You will also learn valuable lessons. Here are some tips for you. Try to apply them to get a high score.

Purchase some power-ups

In this game, the points you get will be converted into stars. You can use stars to buy power-ups. They are very diverse. They range in price from 1000 stars to 5000 stars. You can purchase additional jumps or bounces. In addition, the bombs can damage your character more. As a result, your scores will rise. There are a total of 9 types of power-ups. Buy them all and discover their uses. They will definitely help you reach a further distance or cause many injuries. Accumulate a large number of stars to buy all of them. Good luck!

Take advantage of the traps

The traps in the game are also very dangerous. They are arranged all over the playground. If you want more points, take advantage of them. Collide with all the deadly traps you see. You should not ignore them. These traps will cause injury to your character. In addition, they also push you to go further. Some special traps that you should not miss include cogs, steps, rolling rocks, spikes, etc.

If you love adventure, the game will not let you down. You will experience risks, drama, and other threats. Are you brave enough to overcome them? Join the game now to check your skills.