Epic Army Clash

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Some challenging missions in Epic Army Clash

Command your army to expand the territory in Epic Army Clash. Merge your army unit and press the Attack button to defeat the opposing army and get money.

Territory expansion is your top goal. You will command an army of people in green to defeat the opponent's army. Aim for the people in red and destroy them. You must clear the entire army of opponents to pass the level. If you fail, you will have to replay the level. Try your best so as not to become an underdog.

In addition, you also need to earn a lot of money. It will help you strengthen your army. New lands will contain many dangers. You must possess the strongest army to win. Good luck.

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Some remarkable features of Epic Army Clash

After completing the level, you will receive the amount corresponding to your effort and effort. You can use it to boost your army.

Buy units

Before pressing the Attack button, you will see a lot of cells on the ground. Each cell will have a unit type. You have to merge them to get the strongest army. Only similar units can merge. You can buy many different types of units. These include a lot of warriors, soldiers, and tanks. So, you need to accumulate a lot of money to be able to buy them.

Unlock cells

Unlocking more cells is also important. You can hold more units. As a result, you can merge many different types of units. Do not miss these cells because they will be the factors that help you succeed in your campaigns.