Duck Shooter

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Two kinds of ducks in Duck Shooter

Train shooting ability while shooting down ducks in Duck Shooter. Your mission in the game is to shoot as many target ducks as possible and avoid others.

The game offers two kinds of ducks. Each kind of duck will have some different rules. You need to follow them to get the highest scores. Have fun!

The target ducks

On the playing field, there will be three lines for ducks. The ducks on these lines are also divided into two main categories. The first are the ones marked with the target. These are movable ducks. They will appear continuously and slide through the lines. You have to aim and shoot down as many target ducks as possible. However, you should note that these target ducks also come in two main categories. You should shoot at the yellow ducks. When you successfully shoot a yellow target duck, you will be awarded an extra point. The red target ducks will deduct your points. You should avoid shooting at them to get the highest score. After finishing the game, let's move to Baldi's Basics. Both games are available on our web.

The normal ducks

Besides the moving ducks, the remaining ducks cannot move. They are usually stationary or in eggshells. You are not allowed to shoot at them. If you shoot at any normal duck, you lose. If you think avoiding these common ducks is easy, you are wrong. Although they cannot move, you can shoot them by mistake because you are too absorbed in shooting target ducks. You need to be careful and observe carefully before shooting. Let's shoot with high accuracy. Good luck!

Some traits of Duck Shooter

The limited time

The interval between two shots is 10 seconds. If you do not continue to fire the next bullets within 10 seconds, you will lose. The timer will count down. You can see them in the top left corner of the screen. You can stop the timer by catching it fast. If you shoot continuously then you can maintain the amount of time you have. As a result, you can play games longer. You can also earn more points.

The ducks' speed

The difficulty of the game gradually increases. The target ducks will move faster on the lines. They make you miss or can shoot by mistake. Missing will cost you time and ammunition. It also makes you shoot at normal ducks. Therefore, you will lose. You need to train your speed to be able to score. Also, keep improving your shooting skills. A good duck hunter is someone who can complete difficult tasks. Are you a professional duck hunter?

The bullets

At the beginning of the game, you will receive 202 bullets. You will use them to be able to shoot down target ducks. You can also increase your ammo count by shooting target ducks. Whether it is yellow or red ducks, you get an extra bullet after shooting them successfully. To save ammo, you have to try not to miss.