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Some information about Duck

Duck is an amusing adventure game where you need to control a duck character. You have to get the key to unlock the exit and move to the next level.

Welcome to this exciting adventure. In this game, your main character is a duck. Looks like it got lost. The platforms were connected and formed a terrifying labyrinth. Your task is to control your character and find the key. You have to find out the main key. This key will help you to unlock the exit. If you cannot get it, you will be trapped forever. In addition, even if you get the key, you still need to work hard to be able to overcome as many obstacles to reach the exit portal. Use the key you have to open. Then, you can advance to the following level. Good luck!

What's more, You also have to face a lot of deadly obstacles. They can be spikes or bombs. If your character hits them, you must stop the game. Try your best to avoid them unless you must replay the game many times.

The highlights of Duck

Controlling the duck is also very easy. You do not need to use too many operations but it requires your ingenuity. You need to practice hard to become proficient.

The game also offers many levels. The higher the level, the harder it is. Many kinds of obstacles appear. Therefore, you need to have a wise strategy to overcome them unless you will forever be stuck in this maze. Come on. Let's join the game and conquer as many levels as possible.