Draw Climber

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How to turn a cube into a climber in Draw Climber

Draw Climber offers some thrilling races between two cubes. Draw lines to turn the cube into a real climber and reach the finish line first to get coins.

How can a cube move? You are wondering whether it will slide or do somersaults. However, the cube in the game will behave in an unusual way. It needs a pair of legs to be able to move. Having a pair of legs turns a cube into a climber. So you will need to support it to have a pair of legs. There is an empty box in the bottom corner of the screen. You will use the mouse to draw a line in it. Based on the line you draw, the cube will have a pair of legs similar to the one you drew. You can flexibly change the lines so that the cube's legs are suitable for many different terrains.

The game has quite a new gameplay. The game's graphics are also very attractive like Lhama Clicker. Please join the game right away. Are you one of the best climbers?

Some missions you need to complete in Draw Climber

Collect many coins on the track

You will see that there are a lot of gold coins on the race track. You need to go through them to collect them. The amount of coins that you earn will show your talent. The more skillful you are, the more gold coins you earn. Try your best to complete your mission. Good luck.

Reach the finish line before your rival does

At the first level, you just need to reach the finish line to complete the task. However, in the later levels, you will have to face another opponent. You need to control your character to be able to touch the finish line before your opponent. Pay attention to the race track before drawing the line. You also need flexibility in drawing lines. If you feel your cube cannot cross the stairs with its original legs, redraw it. You can also copy the opponent's legs to be able to overcome the challenge easily.