Cubes 2048.io

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What is Cubes 2048.io

The game rules

Conquer fascinating challenges in Cubes 2048.io to check your skills. Size up your character by eating many fixed cubes and dodging the other cubes.

Welcome to this exciting playground. In this game, you control a numbered cube. You will collect more cubes with the same number as it. Then, your cube will size up. You continue to collect bigger cubes. The more cubes you eat, the bigger you get. However, you should only eat fixed cubes on the playing field until your character is bigger. Once you are confident with your character's size, you can attack other cubes. They will help you win this game. You will gradually remove them from the playing field. If you face bigger cubes, you need to avoid them. You are not their opponent yet. Therefore, you might end up being devoured by them.


Use the mouse to navigate the cube.

Hold the left mouse button to accelerate.

Release the left mouse button to decelerate.

Some outstanding traits of Cubes 2048.io

The game will create fierce competition for you. You will probably be immersed in the game. The way to control the character is also very easy. You will probably master it in just a few turns. In addition, you will exercise your thinking ability. You will become more responsive to numbers. You will be better at math. If you are looking for an interesting game, the game will surely satisfy you. Are you prepared well to join the game? Let's go.