Cube Dash

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The appeal of Cube Dash

Cube Dash is an intensive running game. The game requests you to go as far as possible to obtain the highest scores while avoiding many obstacles on the track.

The game is so fun. It is suitable for everyone because its gameplay is simple. If you are looking for an interesting entertainment game, do not miss this game. It will bring you new experiences. You will relieve stress with this game.

In the game, you will control a cube with the shape of an animal. It looks very cute. You will team up with your cube to conquer the endless race track. You need to try your best to reach the longest distance. The further you go, the higher the score. What record will you achieve?

In addition, you also focus on the race track where there are a large number of deadly obstacles. They can take your life anytime. You are not allowed to collide with them unless you must stop the game. Good luck.

Some tactics to win in Cube Dash

If you already know about the mechanics of the game, you also need a strategy to be able to go further. You should pay attention to the obstacles above. You may be confused between obstacles and coins. You need to observe carefully before jumping. Also, when facing adjacent obstacles, you should hold the left mouse button to jump further. These little tips will help you overcome many obstacles and go further. You also need to practice hard to master the game better.