Creepy Day

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The overview of Creepy Day

The mechanics of the game

Creepy Day is a remarkable arcade game where you control a cube. Try your best to overcome as many pillars as possible and collect many gold coins.

In this game, you will control a character which is a cube. Your task is to pass the pillars. They are placed in the game. There will be two pillars placed opposite each other. They create a gap just enough for your character to go through. You need to navigate your character to go through the gap. If you crash into the pillars, you lose instantly. In addition, you are also not allowed to let your character fall unless the game is over.

Moreover, the game also requests you to collect many coins. Do not miss them because you will need them to unlock other characters. Sometimes, they are placed in difficult positions. You can skip it to save your character. You must ensure that your character will be safe.

How to control

Use the mouse to play the game. You hold the left mouse button to help your character fly high. When you release the left mouse button, your character will land.

Some outstanding features of Creepy Day

Firstly, the height and distance of the pillars are different. So you need to be skillful to overcome them. You must control your character to fly at the right altitude to pass them. So, it is best if you can train your skills hard. Next, you can collect many coins to unlock other characters. The characters will require different amounts of coins. The more eye-catching the character, the more expensive it is. So you need to try to collect as many gold coins as possible.