Connect & Rescue

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The overview of Connect & Rescue

The principle of the game

Join Connect & Rescue to solve the challenging questions. The game requests you connect the boxes and help all monsters escape as soon as possible.

In the game, there are many monsters locked in colored boxes. These boxes will have edges attached to connecting wires. The number of wires connected in the boxes will vary. Your task is to connect them all together. Connect edges with the same number of wires connecting the boxes together. If all the boxes are connected, the little monsters will be rescued. As a result, you can advance to the following levels.

The gameplay of the game is quite simple. You can understand the rules from the first try. You can join the game to train your brain. It is very relevant because of the difficult puzzles. Are you ready to join the game?

Use the hints to win

You can try any way you can think of. Try to complete the task by yourself. If you are stuck, you can use hints. They will help you find the right position to rotate or move the boxes. Then, you can finish the level quickly. However, you should not use hints too many times. It will reduce your star count.

The highlights of Connect & Rescue

Many challenging levels

The game offers lots of levels. The difficulty of the levels will increase gradually. You will have to connect more boxes. The number of monsters also increased. You need to think of ways to rescue them. There are also many types of boxes on each level. You need to understand more about them to be able to get three stars.

The unlimited times

Don't worry if you get stuck. You can use the hint. You can also find different ways to solve it. Your playing time is not limited. So, stay calm to find the best way. Do you have a smart strategy or any experience? Join the game now.