Collect Em All!

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Some information about Collect Em All!

The mechanics of the game

Collect Em All! offers a fun playground with a lot of colorful balls. Your task is to match the balls of the same color to meet the targets and pass the level.

Have you ever enjoyed a playground with a variety of colorful balls? In this playground, you have to make the balls disappear and complete the targets.

You need to match three or more balls of the same color to make them disappear. You will receive stars and gold coins as a worthy reward for your efforts.

However, you need to pay attention to the targets, which are displayed in the top corner of the screen. If it shows a rainbow ball, you can break any of the balls to complete the mission. But if the ball has only one color, you need to make the balls of the same color disappear to pass the level.

Finally, the number of moves is limited. You must not use them all unless you lose. If you want to enjoy another exciting game, select Siren Head Bridge Escape.

How to control

Use the mouse button to play. You will hold and drag the left mouse button to match them. Try your best to win.

Some remarkable features of Collect Em All!

The skins

The balls in the Skin section are divided into three different categories including Cammon, Rate, and Epic. You need a lot of gold coins to be able to buy them. They will make the game more interesting. You will no longer feel bored while playing the game. Epic has the highest price, so if you want to own them, you need to accumulate enough gold coins.

The shop

In the shop, there are Mega Pack and Super Pack. Each pack will contain three types of power-ups. They are Bombs, Rockes, and shuffles. The number of power-ups is different in each pack. Collect as many coins as possible to purchase them.