Build Your Rocket

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How to Build Your Rocket

Build Your Rocket is a fantastic arcade game. Your mission is to build the best rocket with fuel and power to reach as many planets as possible.

The game brings a fascinating space exploration journey. Before you fly into space, you must successfully build a rocket. The more powerful the rocket, the farther it can travel. You will see on the screen there is fuel and power. You will drag them to the back of the rocket. Your rockets will take advantage of them to be able to fly further.

However, when you first start building rockets, you will not have too much fuel and power. You need to upgrade them with the money you earn. Build the longest rocket to fly the longest distance. What will the rocket look like?

How to control the rocket to reach other planets in Build Your Rocket

After you finish building your rocket, you need to press the Launch button on the screen. Then your rocket will fly high. There is a pre-marked trajectory. You have to navigate your rocket so that it doesn't go off course. It may be in danger of going out of the marked orbit. In addition, you also need to collect as many coins as possible. This money will help you upgrade fuel and power. As a result, your rocket will become more powerful.

To control the rocket well, you need to hold the left mouse to speed up. When you release the left mouse button to fly down. Remember that do not land unless you will lose. You will reach other planets if you have enough fuel and power. Good luck.

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