Block Blast

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The game rules of Block Blast

Welcome to Block Blast, where you need to arrange the blocks on the board. In the game, you are not allowed to fill the board to get more points.

If you are a big fan of puzzle games then you should not miss this game. The game will give you tough puzzles. You are forced to solve them to get a high score. It can be said that it is a game that can both entertain you and help you train your brain. You can join it right away because it is already available on our web like UNO Online.

A board in the game is divided into many smaller cells. You will put blocks on this board. There will be three blocks appearing at the same time in the hand below the screen. After you arrange all three of these blocks on the board, three more blocks will appear. You will continue to put them on the board.

However, if your board has no space left, you will lose the game. You can eliminate them by arranging filled blocks in horizontal or vertical rows. As such, when a row in the table is full, it will disappear. As a result, you have more space to arrange other blocks. The more blocks you stack, the more points you get.

Some tactics to get higher points in Block Blast

As you know, the cells on the board will be a great suggestion for you. You can get an estimate of how far your blocks need to be placed on the board. Please count the number of small cells before placing blocks on the board.

Additionally, if you have a smart strategy, you will win. You will play the game more proficiently if you practice hard. Try your best.