Black Hole Blitz

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The unique battle in Black Hole Blitz

Attack your opponent's base

Black Hole Blitz offers a fierce battle where you must eliminate opposing bases. To complete the level, you collect warriors and drop them on the playground.

The opponent's base was ahead, but the warriors seemed to be disoriented. They ran around the area outside the playing field. As a result, they cannot attack the opponent because the distance is too far. This is the reason why you need to assist them to beat your opponent's base.

In this battle, you will help the warriors get to the fighting position. You will control a black hole and suck them in until the black hole cannot hold any more warriors. You will continue to move the hole to the battle area. You need to drop them. Then, they will start fighting against opponents. If you find your forces are not enough to defeat the opponent's base, go back and gather more warriors. Try to fight until your army is the last one to survive.

Navigate the black hole

The way to control a black hole is very easy. You just need to use the mouse. Hold and drag the left mouse button to win the game. If you want to train your control, you can join Lhama Clicker. The game will help you use the left mouse more proficiently.

Some tips and tricks to beat the opposing bases in Black Hole Blitz

The best strategy for you is to upgrade the black hole. You can upgrade the Capacity so that you can hold more warriors in the pit. As a result, you do not need to move too many turns to collect warriors. In addition, if you boost the Size, the hole also size up. After each upgrade turn, you have to pay more coins to boost. Finally, it is best if you can boost the Speed. You can go faster, so you can become the winner quickly.