Big Chicken

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Why do you need to slam in Big Chicken

Control your character to join an amusing playing field in Big Chicken. You need to jump or slam to eliminate all enemies which is carrots and collect items.

An elevated playground is set up from many green tiles. You will play on this unique playground. However, this playing field also brings a lot of risks. Take a risk first and you will face a host of opponents. You need to defeat them before they do. Therefore, you need to jump and slam all of them. In addition, after slamming, the tiles will appear cracks. These cracks are getting more and more serious. If you slam too many times on a tile, it will crash. As a result, they create gaps. If you do not pay attention, you will fall down. You need to change the slam position often to avoid falling.

In addition, you also remember that your lives are limited. You only have three lives per turn. If your lives run out, you have to stop the game.

Try your best to get as many scores as possible. How many carrots can you remove? Can you be faster than it? Join to test your ability. If you love games with eye-catching graphics, Lhama Clicker is a great recommendation


WASD or the arrow keys to move.

The spacebar to super chicken slam.

The highlights of Big Chicken

In this game, you can easily see a lot of items. Most of them are beneficial to you. You have to try to collect them and survive on the playing field longer. The first is the white tiles. When you have many white tiles, you can replace the damaged tiles. As a result, you can reduce the number of gaps. Do not miss any wings. Your chicken can fly in a short time, which helps you to avoid falling out of the playing field. Next, the chicken's head can increase your lives. So, you do not worry about them. The last is the bombs. When using them, you can clean all enemies up at the same time. However, all tiles will be damaged. You need to be careful when using them.