Basket Random

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The fierce battles in Basket Random

The game rules

Basket Random is a remarkable sports simulation game. The game requires you to control a team of two players to get five points before your opposing team does.

Basketball is a sport loved by all ages. This sport is about team dynamics. It needs good coordination between the team members to be able to score. So, if you love basketball and team sports games, you should not miss this game.

In the game, you will control your team. You need to score five points before your opponent. If you cannot outplay your opponent, your team will become an underdog. So you have to try your best to win.

However, the way your characters play the ball is also quite new. Your two characters can barely walk, or run as usual. You can only help them jump up to block the opponent's ball. As a result, according to inertia, they will move forward or backward.

How to control

Press W or the up arrow key to play the game. You do not need to use many keys while playing the game. So, it is quite understandable. It is said that the game is suitable for everyone.

Some outstanding game modes of Basket Random

1 Player mode

The game offers two extremely attractive game modes, which are similar to The Last Survivors. You can play this mode when you want to play alone. You will be competing against the computer. Try to score more points than the opponent. Hope that you will be successful.

2 Player mode

If you want to join with another person, you should play 2 player mode. In this mode, the two of you will compete against each other. Use the same device to compete. The best strategy for you is this speed. The success will be determined by your tapping speed.